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Pascal and Nicolas Reverdy took over the running of this domaine when their father retired in 1993. In 2007, however, tragedy struck, with the death of Nicolas when he and his brother were felling a tree. Fortunately, the fine traditions of the domaine live on as Nicolas’ widow and son Pascal continue Nicolas’ commitment to excellence.

The domaine’s reputation comes from the quality of their white as well as red cuvées (and they also produce an excellent rosé). In the vineyard, yields are restricted and fruit is hand harvested. Each plot is fermented separately, and the cellar is well equipped with the option of stainless steel or wood for the fermentation and, naturally, temperature control to preserve the freshness that characterizes the white wines of the region.

This is one of four white cuvées produced by Reverdy.  The Les Coûtes is from a single hillside plot of 50 year old vines, harvested at 45 hl/ha. All their wines rest on their lees over the winter, before bottling the following spring. Like other recent Reverdy bottlings produced for the United States, this was neither cold-stabilized nor filtered.

Grapefruit, lemon/lime with powedered rock and white flowers on the nose. The citrus is also prominent on the palate with some orchard fruit, gooseberry and briny seawater. Solid acidity and loaded with chalky minerality. Oily and a little viscous, but also elegant and nuanced. 13% alcohol. Imported by Weygandt Metzler. Recommended — and while it does come in at about $20 a bottle, it is still a good value and a lot of wine for the money.

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The Bandol wine region, located near the coast east of Marseille and Cassis, is one of Provence’s most internationally recognized wine regions. Bandol’s vineyards are some of the oldest in France. The Romans planted the first vines some 2,500 years ago. Mourvèdre is the king of Bandol — actually Bandol is the only French wine region that is dominated by the Mourvèdre grape.

For both the red and rosé wines, Mourvèdre must account for at least 50% of the blend, though most producers will use more, with Grenache & Cinsaut usually filling out the rest of the wine’s composition. Syrah and Carignan are restricted in Bandol to composing no more than 15% of the blend or 10% individually. Nearly 70% of the region’s production is red wine with rosé wine being around 27% and a small amount of white production; however, Bandol is probably best known for their rosé. These are two of my favorites from Bandol or anywhere else for that matter.

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé 2008
Domaine Tempier owns 30 hectares. It produces AOC Bandol exclusively – an average of 68% red, 29% rosé and 3% white wines, approximately 120,000 bottles per year.

On October 27, 1943, Lucien Peyraud bottled his first wine, a rosé. Today, the harvest is 100% manual and the fruit is fully destemmed before temperature-controlled fermentation. The rosé is fermented in steel after a cold soak, then matured in vat for 6-8 months before bottling.

The Tempier is 50% Mourvèdre, the rest Cinsault, Grenache and Carignan. It is a beautiful pink gris color with a copper/orange hue. Evocative and vibrant nose of strawberry, watermelon, rose water with some green apple and spice. Equally compelling on the palate with a flavor profile quite similar to the nose, but also with some white pepper and spice. Crisp acidity and rich — but there is a certain understated elegance as well. A lot of hype around this wine — but all well deserved in my opinion.

Imported by Kermit Lynch.

2008 Domaine de la Bastide Blanche Bandol Rosé
In the early 70’s Michel and Louis Bronzo acquired the property of the Bastide Blanche, with an eye to producing from appellation Bandol wines the equal of more famous appellations like Chateauneuf. Their painstaking efforts were rewarded in 1993 when vintage conditions created the benchmark year to put Bandol in general and Bastide-Blanche, in particular, on the map of top producers in France. Not surprisingly, there is a rosé in the portfolio of wines, made from predominantly Mourvedre, with Grenache and Cinsault.

This has a bit more body, the fruit is a bit more forward (think more strawberry, less spice). It doesn’t have the same amount of spice, nuance or complexity as the Tempier, but it is also very good. Overall, I prefer the Tempier — but the Domaine de la Bastide is the value choice between the two.

Imported by Weygandt-Metzler.

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This is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Grenache gris (the Roussanne and Grenache gris are cask matured) from Saint-Chinian. Saint-Chinian produces some 16 million bottles of wine each year. 90% of that production is red wine, but there are also some interesting white wines as well — and this is one such example. Beautiful golden yellow in color. Aromatics of pear and peach with sweet pineapple and floral notes.  On the palate, orchard and stone fruit with some tropical and citrus notes (tangerine) as well as bay leaf and white pepper — really solid richness and minerality. Imported by Weygandt-Metzler.

This isn’t widely available and I haven’t been able to find it at any other store than Weygandt in DC. The Weygandt shop gets better every week, they do tastings every day — and are extremely generous in what they pour. Today for New Year’s they had a champagne tasting, that included a wonderful Grand Cru Brut Rose from Nicolas Maillart. Since opening, they hosted a Chateauneuf du Pape and a Burgundy tasting in addition to pouring great wines each day. Truly a great wine shop to buy and taste some outstanding wines.  Their opening in DC is on the short list of most important food/wine milestones for 2009 in DC.

Weygandt Wines just announced an offer on their site for a 25% off a purchase when you sign up for the email list — they usually just send a weekly email detailing the Saturday tasting line up and any other special events or sales….to sign up go to http://www.weygandtwines.com/ and click “Join our email list” and you’ll receive the coupon in the confirmation email.

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Another wine from Weygandt Wines, the new wine store in DC featuring importer Peter Weygandt’s portfolio. One of the great things about the store is that they taste wines every day. They usually taste the same half dozen or so wines for the week, but last Saturday they tweeted that they tasting some different wines than earlier in the week.  The Morgon from Bouland caught my eye and so I decided to stop by given that it was Saturday and Peter Weygandt might also be at the store (which he was).

I tasted the wine at the store and picked up a couple of bottles to bring home. The 2008 Daniel Bouland Morgon Vieilles Vignes is 100% Gamay made from 60 to 90 year-old vines grown on granitic soils that are rich in iron and manganese. Daniel Bouland is considered one of the traditionalists in Beaujolais, careful hand-harvesting, very low yields and wild yeast fermentations help create a complex and ageworthy Morgon (5 to 15 years is recommended by the estate).

Dark ruby color — with a shade of black olive, but transparent. Nose of strawberry and cherry with some earthy and floral notes. On the palate, loaded with cherry, strawberry and raspberry as well as some cranberry, earth, and crushed asphalt. This might be a serious Beaujolais, but it is also ranks very high in quaffability. Lightly fined and unfiltered. 13% alcohol. Recommended and a very good value at $20 a bottle, not to mention a solid choice for Thanksgiving.

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André Perret Saint Jospeh 2007
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Mas des Bressades Roussanne-Viognier 2007
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weygandt-logoThe newest wine store in DC is also the best and one of the best in the United States. New York has Chambers Street Wines and Astor Wines, LA has the Wine Exchange, Berkeley has Kermit Lynch — and now Weygandt Wines put DC on the map with a truly great wine store.

There isn’t another store in the United States that has this selection of wines — the whole Weygandt portfolio under one roof. Some might say it is limited to the Weygandt portfolio — but that is the beauty of it. You won’t find everything here, but it isn’t about finding everything — it’s about finding a selection of items you won’t find at any other wine store. As just one example, there isn’t another wine store in the U.S that has the whole Gérard Gauby porfolio — only in DC. Obviously you won’t find any domestic wines in the store, but the selection is amazing considering it is from the portfolio of a single importer — and the selection of French wines is outstanding. It won’t be the only wine destination on my map, but it will be one of the most trusted and reliable.

Peter Weygandt is one of the most trusted importers in the world — don’t trust me read the article in Slate — I have 3 go to importers — Louis/Dressner, Kermit Lynch and Weygandt. A wine with his name on it brings a certain sense of quality and security. They have a good selection at a variety of price points — perhaps very limited under $10 — but a very good selection at $15 — and it’s worth a little extra to know you are getting a treasure instead of a bottle of plonk. They taste wines each and every day from 4-8 pm — and staff are super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Peter Weygandt is often expected to be in the store on Saturdays. He helped me pick out some wines — he was extremely approachable, modest, sincere and generous with his time and knowledge.

This really is a gem of a store — and something very unique and wonderful to DC. A must visit.

Weygandt Wines just announced an offer on their site for a 25% off a purchase when you sign up for the email list — they usually just send a weekly email detailing the Saturday tasting line up and any other special events or sales….to sign up go to http://www.weygandtwines.com/ and click “Join our email list” and you’ll receive the coupon in the confirmation email.

Outstanding value wines from France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Australia and Slovenia with a large selections scoring 90+ points from The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Burghound.

Most of their wines are biodynamic. Biodynamics is based on the 1920s teachings of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher who applied astronomy and homeopathic treatments to farming. The practice is holistic, blending philosophy and spirituality with agriculture. Biodynamic winemakers approach the vineyard as a self-sustaining ecosystem and view the soil as a living organism. So, biodynamic wine is not only 100% organic, in addition, the grower has gone beyond to try to bring the farming process more closely in tune with nature.

Since 1987, Peter Weygandt has been an importer of French wines and has gained a national and international reputation for the quality of his selections and his portfolio of top “boutique” French wines. His wines are a near constant feature of top wine journals including Robert M. Parker, Jr.’s The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Burghound. In recent years he has expanded his portfolio to include Italian, German, Austrian, Australian, and Spanish wines, more than 100 producers in all.

Weygandt Wines is the next natural step for the Weygandt-Metzler portfolio; to create a retail store dedicated to showcasing all of the diverse selections, value, and quality of Peter Weygandt Selections, from both the most well-known viticultural regions, and from lesser-known regions and up-and-coming producers.

3519 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 10
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 362-9463

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